VAR & procurement services
Information Technology services
Outsourced technology development services

Outsourced technology development services

10-year track record in innovative technology development services.

Information Technology Services

Driven by the quality and expertise of our people.

Value Added Reseller (VAR) & Procurement Services

Driven by our expertise in IT and technology services.

Our people are key to the quality of our services.

To be an requires:

  • A passion for technology
  • A rock solid practically focused degree level technology education most often with a second post-graduate qualification
  • Self-driven behaviour
  • A focus on customer satisfaction and quality
  • A drive to drill down and fully understand technologies being worked on, never compromising with partial or incomplete knowledge
  • A commitment to always question whether specifications are correct and advise the customer when potential errors and omissions are detected
  • An endless desire for self-development, corporate and process improvement
  • As the quality of our people is paramount, our recruitment process is second to none.
  • Over the past 12 years we have recruited hundreds of the most capable engineers available across a wide range of skills and expertise. Our proven ability to recruit the very best is critical to resourcing your projects.